Bill Krumm | Project Designer

I have always been inspired by the world class architecture the Chicagoland area has to offer. I remember sketching the Chicago skyline when I was in grade school as well as other famous landmarks, such as the St. Louis Arch and Seattle Space Needle. I would often sketch my own family’s home, but I would add my own personal improvements. My passion for architecture deepened at Libertyville High School, where I was given the opportunity to enroll in architectural design classes. It was there that I knew I wanted to design and create homes.

Following high school, I attended Miami University where I obtained my Bachelor of Arts in Architecture. In my first year, we designed all of our projects by hand, including models, which further guided my understanding of structural elements. After the first year, we transitioned into architectural software for 2D plans and 3D models. We then had the privilege of making site visits to various locations throughout Over-The-Rhine in Cincinnati where we had to design hotels, laundromats, and office spaces. On these visits, I was fortunate to learn from talented classmates and renowned professors who took me out of my comfort zone and motivated me to push further in my studies.

I have always found the unique architecture of Chicago neighborhoods fascinating, and in my senior year I was chosen to work on a project that designed a townhome in Wicker Park. I was thrilled and inspired at the opportunity to put my own spin on the interpretation of a townhouse. This inspiration led me to the wonderful team at A. Perry Homes where I look forward to learning, growing as a design professional, and making the most of the many opportunities they have to offer.

While I am not working, I am spending my time with friends and family, golfing, reading, watching baseball, and listening to podcasts.

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