Donetta Perry | Director of Operations

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Real Estate and Construction has been my passion for over 25 years. After several years of traveling internationally and providing product training, I became very interested in real estate. I convinced my father to join me in my pursuit of my real estate broker’s license. We opened our own firm and successfully served many families helping them find their dream homes.

Early in my real estate career, I realized sometimes the best way to serve families was to find new construction options. For almost 5 years, I worked in the custom homebuilding industry while still running my own real estate company. My role there allowed me to completely immerse myself in every aspect of the building process.

I became so passionate about the home-building process, I designed and built my own dream home on an eight-acre, wooded riverfront parcel. I learned firsthand what’s important for a client and what questions or concerns arise throughout the home-building process. On every project, I maintain that perspective. Knowing what it’s like as a client, I take the time to explain the construction process, as well as to assist our clients with their financing or construction payouts.

In my role as Director of Operations, I ensure every client enjoys a great experience and that every detail is attended to. Sales assistance, Human Resource Management, and event planning are just some of the other tasks that help keep my plate full. I love to participate in our groundbreaking ceremonies, celebrate with our clients, and have their family’s dreams realized.

When I am not handling the details that keep the A.P. team running smoothly, I am keeping my husband Tony Perry, our company Founder, in line along with my son, our two labs. We also spend as much time as possible with our granddaughters, Maya, Brenna, and Adeline. We often ask ourselves, how lucky are we? We are a fortunate and grateful bunch…..


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