Laura Prodan | Accounting & Operations

Many years ago, I helped coordinate the construction of a friend’s house, and over the course of the project, I realized I had an intuitive understanding of construction plans, materials and the process itself. My career took a turn from a journalism major working in mass media communication to opening and operating my own wood flooring company. Unexpectedly yet fortunately, the skills I had acquired as a journalist played a big role in building my own network of clients. Establishing long-term client relationships, no matter the industry, is done through solid quality work and strong communication skills. 

Being part of the big puzzle of building a house, where everything has to fall in place like the wheels of a clock, gives me great personal pride. As part of the A. Perry Homes accounting and operations team, I apply my twenty years of experience of bringing customer satisfaction, working together with the whole team… as all families do.

When I’m not working, you’ll find me on the ski slope during the winter season or gardening in the summer as a garden member at Kilbourn Park.


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