Mike Zaban | Assistant Superintendent

Mike Zaban A. Perry HomesGrowing up I would go to work with my father on Saturday mornings to observe and gain an understanding of the restaurant business.  It was there that I began to understand the value of hard work and customer service.  After school, I took a position with the second-largest Human Resources, Risk Insurance, and Consulting firm in the country.  Before long I was promoted and offered a role in the field of Security Risk Management.  It was in this position that I refined my communication skills in order to control client emotion and expectations.  My job was to command and control situations and write situation briefs, and conducting briefing calls for business leaders when a situation arose. In this role, I was one of two inside representatives providing service for 66,000 colleagues globally. Being responsible for receiving a wide host of problems, concerns, and reports from colleagues, I came to learn the importance of providing an empathetic response and assuring my customers that a solution would soon be provided for their inquiry. 
While the experience and education that I received while undertaking this role was irreplaceable, I soon realized that the corporate lifestyle was not for me. I decided that working in the fresh air and supporting the best homemakers in the business would provide more happiness. I have always found home’s to be a functional form of art when the pencil is in the hands of a creative architect.  Unlike most forms of art, there are always alterations which can be made to a home to alter its appearance and functionality.
Currently, I live with my beautiful girlfriend who keeps me on my toe’s each and every day. I lead an active lifestyle and enjoy exercise, sports, and movies. I have taken a greater interest in travel the past few years, and look forward to my next big trip.
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